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Walk Yourself to a Healthy Life

A half an hour daily walk can boost immunity and add healthy years to one’s life. This simple habit can be made as one of the most happy part of your day. Walking as an exercise, is known to be a simple, hassle free process which requires no special gear, equipment, preparation, special rules or organizing skills. It is perhaps the best possible way to begin a new day and enjoy a bonus of adding years to one’s life as it bestows anti aging benefits.

A daily moderate walk can be done in a comfortable pace or a brisk walk or jog as per personal capability and requirement.

The act of walking as an exercise, gives the essential movement that our body requires.

How to Begin and Build pace

The habit of walking is beneficial, as it is essentially a movement of the human body. Initially one needs to start with a comfortable and light pace for a short distance. Gradually, one needs to increase the pace to a brisk walk and longer distance.

However this is not binding on all age groups. Elderly people and those suffering of some ailments may continue to exercise in a pace which is suitable to their capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Walking?

Walking as a form of exercise can be started at any age. It does not require any fees, subscription, or gym facility to practice walking. Neither is there a particular time for walking nor any place. This freedom of choice makes one feel free to breathe easily and be tension free while exercising and reaping benefits of a regular walk.

A daily session of walk is all the more required for people who have desk job and are bound to sit for entire office hours on their office chair for work. For such people a routine of an early morning walk can be a boon to mobilize the body metabolism.

Several forms of exercise are promoted as the solution to these essentially sedentary lifestyle related illnesses. Research suggests that in order to counter the effect of too much sitting, it is necessary to get out of the chair and move around a bit. Walking around to stretch the nerves and body joints is a good idea in this case even if it is for a short while only.

Besides benefits to body and physical parameters, walking also helps to lift the mood and triggers release of natural pain-killing endorphins. This results in a feel-good feeling for the individual.

Walking is even known to improve sleep, support joint health, improve circulation, and reduce the incidence of disability in older age group of people.

Cut the Risk of Heart Ailment, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure

Research has found that walking for a couple of kilometers or more a day, can reduce any serious form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke and type 2 diabetes.

The Precious Vitamin D, Fresh Air and that Refreshed Feeling

Walking is a light exercise, so the calories burn slowly but nevertheless they burn. Muscle toning also takes time if walking is the only exercise one practices. However walking in the morning under the rising sun and amidst trees definitely give the human body the much needed Vitamin D and fresh air. One is bound to feel refreshed.

Music to ears to hear – Oh, you have lost weight!

Walking with a steady routine and pace can contribute to weight control and toning of the muscles. However other facts such a diet and lifestyle also play a role in determining the body weight. But a routine of exercise in the form of walking can help burn fat and control weight.

All in all it can be said that one can benefit from walking. It can help prevent certain diseases and also prolong life. One is free to walk and it is easy for one to adapt this in their daily routine. All that is required is to wear a pair of good shoes and walk one’s way to good health.

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